Had a walk

On 20/05/2012 by kweide

The weather was fine and together with some photographer friends we made a guided citytour. The guide, a wonderful girl, had deep and intimate knowledge and gave us exciting informations on the city we love so much. BTW we all went through the town just with Olympus E-P3, one E-500 and i saw one E-30 as well. But the rest walked with Pens and some new OMD Systems. That was great fun.

We saw wonderful light, warm, golden, touching ancient buildings.

Found colorful mirrors

magical water channels, named Fleet

and yes, some rotten bicycles as well.
It was a fantastic experience again, walking with my buddies, sharing same interests and using their equipement as they used mine. We had fun, fun, fu. So what prevents YOU from doing the same ?? Ask your friends,  find a date and just do IT. You will enjoy it like we did

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