Her answer …

On 03/03/2013 by kweide

It did not take long, and a knock, knock was at the door. When i opened it SHE was in front of me, eyes wide open. She asked me where i had this picture from. Well, i smiled. The first time i knew a bit more ! I took a second breath, made a creative pause before telling her about the Gallery. Now she smiled when she took a golden necklace off her neck with a beautiful ancient medallion. She opened it carefully and showed me this:


What a wonderful old oil painting, my rough print on copy paper was a shame compared with that…. She told me, that it is indeed one of her relatives, mothers bloodline. As she told me, that woman really enjoyed life and sometime she was said to be a hellion as well. Like my neighbor, was my thought and i smiled back at her. We had some tea, some sweets and some laughters. When she went home, she threw me sweet, promising smile ….

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  • Hey Mister,

    now it is time to unveil some tips and tricks, to show us about the fairydust you are using. Man, such picture is not only stunning. It is Art work and i think it is not only me who wants to know how this is done. Come on, tell your secrets …
    An what is about your model ? Introduce her to us as well, such a breathtaking beauty, its all about her eyes, her facial expression.


    • Hey Gregg,

      you know why it is called a secret ?? Because it is secret ! LOL, just kidding. Watch the Blog, from time to time i will unveil some tricks on how my pictures are done.
      Thanx for watching my Blog …


  • Cant say how much i enjoy this picture. I wish it could be me ….
    You shoot only in Germany ? Is it true ?? Read the “impressum”.

    I am impressed by your style and the dark series as well … Let me be such an angel too…

    Joane, California

    • O Joane,

      first: Thanx for your kind words on the “Dark series” It is not easy having such pictures on the showcase. But i am happy, you liked the. And YES, you are right. Only Germany for shootings but i promise: When i will ever be in US i will contact you to be part of the “Angel Collection”


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