Waiting for him

On 22/06/2013 by kweide

Waiting for him, standing behind the window, behind the curtain. Kissed by the warm and golden light of the sun. Every sense of her focused thru the window just awaiting him. Already prepare to embrace him with all her woman’s pride, willing to give him all her love.
That was the storyboard behind this scene and i think she did it well. How do you think about that ??


Olympus E Camers :) as always

2 Responses to “Waiting for him”

  • For sure my favorite. Lovely woman. Face tells a story. GREAT body, mature and beautiful. Super good lighting.

    • I think it is one of her favs as well. She asked for a large print in DIN A3+ which is now in her private gallery, her home exhibition … :)

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