Let it flow

On 11/11/2011 by kweide

A veil, a chair an open window. Me my model and a bit of soft light. No more details needed. Of course, my camera, a proper lens and a flash light as well. Minimum equipment. When she sat down i had no clue what next but i decided to let the situation go selfpaced. And see how it worked. The soft sun from a tiny roof window made a little lightcast and my flash light lifted the shadows on the other side a bit without opening the complete scene.

But some details still make me shiver. It is her sad view right into my and YOUR eyes. Her relaxed pose as if she is awaiting something which never come. And look into her face. Yes a fine cheeky hair running down from her forehead to her eye and another even more cheeky hair running down hair nose to her mouth. I decided they could stay in that picture. It gives life, reality to the picture and an anchor point for your eyes. A possible escape door to run away from her eyes. To tell the truth, this picture is own of my favorit pictures.

Details as ever: Olympus E-5, ISO125, Summilux 25, f1.4, 1/50 second, 25 mm focal length, a white reflector at the ceiling and my lovely flash bounced into that reflector with  a compensation of -3 to get just a touch of light. This time i did some sweetening thru Lightroom. Not much, a vignette and some contrast enhancements and a bit of color desaturations. But just moving sliders. No sophisticated mysterious work :) Hope you like it.

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