I am YOURS….

On 16/05/2012 by kweide

That was her words, when her husband, the Samurai, entered the house, entered her room. A smile on his face, answered from her with a sight of demand, a sign of pure temptation. Still on her bed, still her Tanto in her hands but ready to put it down for her man. And he, coming home, without a word, bowing over her, throughing a gentle kiss onto her face. The rest is your imagination, dear reader….

Again it is done with Olympus E-P3, Zuiko 45mm, F1.8, ISO200, 1/80 second. No tricks…

One Response to “I am YOURS….”

  • Incredible ! Stunning, breathtaking…. i can not realize her deadly power but believe she can handle her deadly tool very well. She is the beauty, the cruelness, the temptation, the destroyer. What a thrilling combination !!

    I am her fan !


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