On 11/11/2011 by kweide

Today was the day. This evening was the evening. The chance for him to catch a view. No, he is no voyeur but he likes to look women. Specially his new neighbour. She looks so tempting and his pulse always runs high when she was on his way. In the supermarket he walked always behind her to watch how she moves, how she bends over the cart to place the milk into. Sometimes he hoped her blouse may open a little more to offer him a bit more of her sweet body. But today he decided to take the risk and watch her through her always open door. And he sneaks into her house and saw her lying on her bed.  Just a veil over her body. And he took his little pocket B&W camera and took his picture with shaking hands, not sure she was in focus or not.

It seems she did not recognize that he was right behind her door looking thru the small clearance. He decided to take a second picture and pushed the filmtransport mechanism to the next picture. The noise alerted her and she looked up. Right into his face.

He was bold enough to push the button  before running away at maximum speed. Running as if a 100 hungry dogs behind him. Totaly exhausted he reached his Kodak dealer and threw the filmroll in for 1 hour development. He was so proud on his 2 stolen pictures. What he did not know was, she knew about him, knew that he was just behind her door, knew about what he was doing and she enjoyed it much.

But he missed one picture…. this picture above and she was ready to give him more, more he could ever dream of. But he missed this chance. It will never come back again. I could hear her sigh…

Just another storyboard. I hope YOU enjoyed it a bit.  Saying : Do it as long as it lasts !!! Do not break early, you will miss YOUR chance to take YOUR “Boom Boom Boom” picture. Details as ever: Olympus E-5 + Zuiko 12-60SWD, ISO 200, 1/250 second, 30 mm focal length. One single hot shoe flash bounced over my left shoulder into a reflector hanging from the ceiling, fixed with two clamps. Again no tricks, easy to follow for you as well. Have fun.

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