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On 30/06/2012 by kweide

Unsure, asking view, a lot of questions in her eyes. YES, just walk behind the curtain. No, it is okay this time that the flash is behind you. Now, don┬┤t ask, just mooooove. But stop, click, click, click. Wonderful expression, i have to take that and i did it. This picture was the start of a “curtain-Series”, new to her, awith ┬ácomplete new setup as well. She was unsure, knowing my shootingstyle and now this. Different. Her face was asking …

And i answered her with a smile and took the picture. That is what YOU should do as well. SMILE and give answers, instructions as well, clear directions. As i said: “Now move behind the curtain and touch it with both flat hands, pressing it gently away from you….. ” And so on. The flash was mounted on a stand behind her about 1.5 meters away and was driven remotly. Everything worked fine and she was very happy with the outcome. When she saw this picture, i had to print it for her wall of fame ….

Olympus E-M5, Summilux 25, f1.6, 1/800 second, ISO800

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