The red one …

On 06/10/2012 by kweide

Walking the dog in the rain, is not the best time of the day. But while playing with the wet dog in the rain one can see surprising things. So i recognized mushrooms on the lawn. Wow, what an intense red…. with the dog , already tired, hurrying back home, just catchin my Oly cam with ne M.Zuiko 60 mm macro lens on it and here we are again. Still raining and what ever i did, no, the angle to that small red one mushroom was bad. So what to do ? Right. Down into the wet grass. Lying in the grass, the rain on my back, the wet grass from underneath….. what else could i wish ?? But the angle was ok now. So i took my shoots …and i hope i got it right !

Judge yourself
Olympus E-P3, ISO200 @ f2.8, M.Zuiko 60mm Macro, 60 mm focal length, 1/120 second and no flash used

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