Blue Moon – Temptation

On 15/01/2013 by kweide

While on the wooden ground, searching for nice looking positions, i could see in her eyes a rapid change in attitude. She was no longer searching, she had indeed something already in mind. So i decided to follow her thru the camera finder. That was a very good idea, when suddenly the gameplay changed and she altered her pose to a massive diagonale one, changing the facial expression, her right hand quickly grasped the silky veil to open just a touch of tempting view on woman´s attractions. Well, i made the picture, what else could i do ?


And after such success she moved herself into another pose, very quickly, i had some problems to track focus on her and she gave me a new attractive and tempting position. Again i made the picture, with a smile in my face she already recognized and took it as positive feed back.

Olympus E-M5, ISO200, M.Zuiko 75 mm @ f1.8 1/160 second and again only one flash thru my octagon Firefly SB.

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