On 06/02/2013 by kweide

I think i said it already. But its worth repeating it always and ever. When the shooting is ongoing, do not, really never, let your model unobserved. In former analog film times it could happen, that you missed essential and unrepeatable pictures because you were loading a new roll of film… this cannot happen in digital times any more. Except your storage card is way to small in capacity. So don´t be a Scrooge :)
On this photo you see what i mean. One scene was done, some seconds to relax, no attention, falling back into eternity look and WOOOOM, that´s the look. I was  bold enough taking this picture, hiding it a while from her eyes as well. But when she saw it later on, she was excited and happy :)

Olympus E-M5, ISO 200, 1/60 second, M.Zuiko 75 mm @ f1.8, one single flash bounced over my shoulder…

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