Do it yourself

On 10/02/2013 by kweide

a bit gold paper, some walnuts, hot glue a bit time, a feather, some other stuff and ready are your own, your authentic self made unique¬†¬†accessories. But be careful: Hot glue is dangerous, it is HOT and it is sooo easy to burn yourself. I know what i am talking about …
Look what i have done…
This one is made completly in white, white painted nutshells, enriched with a long white feather. Ideal to be mounted in the hair of a model, giving her a special look

Several nutshells, wrapped with goldpaper, glued together to form a flower shape. On top a golden Rose. To be used as head gem or brooch

This time no special, superduper picture. Just a documentation of DIY action :) But be inspired, use your tools, use your imagination, build your own creations to give your models, your scene an individual touch !

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