Delivery boy

On 09/11/2011 by kweide

“Oh, you are the delivery boy ! How nice and you have a parcel for me ?” He stood in front of her in his selfmade uniform. His only intention was to see her in the tube. And today was his lucky day. He rang at her door and she opened it. “The delivery boy, i have a parcel for you Mrs. Robinson. But you have to sign!” “Come upstairs” she shouted, ” I am overall wet, still in the tube but please you are a gentleman, come upstairs !” Oh yes, i am a gentleman, Lady, for sure. I took my parcel with the hidden camera inside and one second later i entered the bathroom…. My God. My heartbeat went up to 250.

She was so close to me, smiling, pressing the camera button. “Oh”, she said, “nice parcel you have there. Did it just make a klicking noise ?” I went red, gasping for breath…. “No Mrs. Robinson, no noise !” pressing the shutter release again. I could see a little smile in her face, did she know ?? If so, what will she do ?? She turned around in her tube, Klick, and looked straight into my eyes.

“Okay, i never saw such a uniform. What delivery service you are from ?” Shit, she got me. “Oh, excuse me Mrs. Robinson, i made a mistake. Its not you for this parcel. Misreading, sorry, it it for Mr. Rubenson! ” I heard me stuttering those words while rapidly turning around and jumping down the stairs, leaving her house.

The poor boy. He lost again. He gave up too early. If he could have stayed some seconds longer…. she knew that he was NOT a delivery man for any parcel. She knew he took pictures of her.  And if he had just stayed a bit longer …

He would have seen her sitting in the tube, laughing out loud, wondering what he would do next !I t was again pure fun for her.

So take your chance to do pictures whenever you can and speak out loud what you want to do. Otherwise YOU are the fool without any picture. Enjoy the decisive moments.

Detail: Olympus E-5 + Zuiko 12-60SWD, 1/80 second, ISO800, f4, sunlight thru a small window reflected by a white reflector in front of her. NO flash this time.

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