Red fire

On 25/02/2013 by kweide

This is just another output from the last session. Again in powerful and strong colors with punchy contrasts and some impressive structures which combines with her lascivious pose, her sensual expression. Watch the eyes and her make up. This was fun to do and to work out. Hope you enjoy it as such too.


Olympus E-M5, ISO200 @ f1.8, M.Zuiko 45mm, only one flash, snooted, 1/160 second

3 Responses to “Red fire”

  • Your three dark side pictures made such strong impression and now i came back and what did i see ?? Red Fire. Man what an impressive work again. Don´t tell me you are an amateur, i can´t believe such. This is the work of an artist and his “top of the edge professional model”

    Thanx for sharing

    • Gregg

      thanx for your friendly words and i can assure you, it is the work of “Non-professionals”. Which does not mean we are without any skills but we get no money for our work. That is the difference between amateurs and professionals today.


  • Did you every think of an tutorial on how to do such work ??


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