Old Master

On 02/03/2013 by kweide

Looking old masters paintings in the local Gallery i was really surprised discovering this old ancient picture. Mrs. Robinson came asap ┬áinto my mind. WOW, this must be a relative of her. I look the date: 1783… hui, that is old but this woman looks 100% like her, like twins. So i took a snap to compare it with the real Mrs. Robinson.


Back home i did what i had to do and was again surprised. YES it is like 100% twins. Well, i made a rough and quick print on copy paper and threw it into the letterbox of her with a written note on it: Your relative ??? Waiting for her to answer….
In real life do what i did here: Look thru your archive and pick a special portrait, look at it and imagine how it would look as an old masters oilpainting! Thats all and start to produce such. In this picture i decided to avoid all that typical cracks on the canvas just to keep the connection to the original digital image. But you can do what you like, even convert such in Black&White if you like !

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