In the cellar

On 04/03/2013 by kweide

I was ready to leave home for work, when suddenly she, my sweet neighbor, was again in the door. She was a bit nervous, a bit excited. She asked my to follow her. Ui, what a surprise entering her house, going downstairs into her cellar. She said, she found some paintings at the wall and was unsure what do do. I took my gaslighter when we reached the position at the wall and i switched it on. In the soft and warm light we saw this:


Again a pinting of her relative. WOW, this cellar must be very old and another thing was obvious: The painter had been in the cellar with all his painter equipment. A riddle, unsolved. What was the relation between the painter and the relative ? Until now, we don´t know. Mrs. Robinson, looking fascinated at the picture said, that she will call the local Gallery to get a final judgment on this painting….”They have specialists”, she said.

I switched off the gas lighter. It went really hot and nearly burnt my fingers. It was dark in the cellar and after a short while i switched it on again, moving it around and another surprise at the wall:


Mrs. Robinson was so excited. Perhaps this is worth lot of money. So she hurried away towards the next telephone. I quickly followed her. Stay tuned for updates …

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