Only Fill Layer

On 17/03/2013 by kweide

Playing around with curves is not so easy for everyone. That´s what some of you reported to me. OKAY, now take this two examples. They are done with mostly “Solid color layers” with different blendmodes and opacities. That is much easier to do. I hope so:


Above in Pola look


and this more pinkish. It just depends on the colors YOU select ! Have fun ! Do want to see how it is done ?? This is the way to produce pictures like the first one

Bildschirmfoto 2013-03-17 um 10.43.04

Have fun.

2 Responses to “Only Fill Layer”

  • As a long time follower of you blog i often asked myself “How in hell did he do that ?” I tried several times to achieve similar looks but failed 100% But now with your shown workflow i could sample hit after hit. You made me happy and my family too.


    • Mitch,

      good to know. So go on, be creative, choose differnet colors. Find your style :) You are welcome …


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