Luck is on his way

On 09/11/2011 by kweide

Delivery boy was a desaster. Mr. Robinson discovered his trick too early. And now he has no additional cojones to try again. What if she calls the police ?? Jail is not so so so nice. There is no real chance to take nice portraits or sensual pictures… no ! So his decision was clear: No additional try. Just the blue sky, white clouds, sweet bird, stars, moon, flowers and bees, one word: Boring !

Well he setup up again his tripod, put on his sweet cam and the telelens to hunt for some birds. But, what is that ? Mr. Robinson !

She sat in her window, the curtain fully opened and she did a pose ! Just for him. Klick. He was so happy and looked again thru his finder and saw her smiling throwing a kiss to him.

So what does this mean ?? Everyone has a second, some a third chance. If your first picture shooting is for the trash, dont mind. Do a second one. And if it is again not what you and your model hoped it should be, try a third session. You will see an evolution. You and your model will become better and better. Keep in mind.: My first 10.000 pictures were garbage. So try harder, dont give up. Learn on light, shutter and aperture and flash as well. Read books and read pictures as well ? How this works ? We will discuss this later …

Details: Olympus E-3, Summilux 25 mm, f4.5, ISO200, 17250 second and one single flash light again bounced to my left side into a large white reflector. So easy. You can read it in the picture. Until than, have funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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