Tight view

On 04/05/2013 by kweide

This is an example of a picture i took, right in between two sets, while she was arranging her stuff. Me, sitting on the ground, the cam ready for the work. She, foundling with veils and stuff asking questions about this and that. And while she spoke she arranged and moved and suddenly she looked at me exactly this way:


So, what i did ?? I took the chance and made my picture. It was just a movement, an impulse and i was happy about the fact that my Oly cam E-M5 is so damned fast in AF and shutter release. Now you can she her tight view as well. Have fun
Olympus E-M5, ISO200 @ f3.5, Summilux 25, 1/160 second.

2 Responses to “Tight view”

  • My way ! I love the look, the colors, the style. Awesome. I wish you could shoot me this way… but you are tooooo far away. US – Germany is a no go for now. Always enjoy your photos…


    • Sandy,
      nice reading…. :) I asked the Startrek divison for a free lift thru the next free BEAM-Transport. They promised, to reserve a slot for you or for me, inclusive safe return :)


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