She is back

On 13/05/2013 by kweide

Yesterday i asked myself what had happen to my greedy neighbor and his, hmm, irritating obsession…. Mrs. Robinson. I heard nothing from him or her for a long time. So i decided to call him, asking for any news and was fairly surprised. He told me, that really nothing happened in the last weeks. It was silent. He did not see her in the bus nor on the streets but she must be alive. He noticed from time to time little changes in her windows, flower arrangements and he saw that UPS never had problems delivering packages. I could hear him smile thru the phone when he said, he got the decision to proof her existence and would send me the proof via email and so he did.
He told me, that he did this snap two days ago, spying thru the little window her the roof of her house and he saw her gently moving her totally naked body only covered by some thin white border. He raised his cam and snap a picture and only one. This one:


He was so excited that he lost his stand and crashed down from his secure stand, down into the thorny bushes :) That was the real background info i missed ! Now i knew why his walking style the last days was so strange :)

Olymps E-M5, Summilux 25, one single flash bounced as always !

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