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On 15/06/2013 by kweide

“More left, no better ┬áright, bend a bit, stretch more, take the hand to the left, bow, smile, no not such ….”, boy. Posing is a hard job and i found it is not possible or hard to realize by words. It is better to act as her mirror and to show how she has to pose, what to show. It is way faster and easy and offers a lot of fun too. Suddenly you entertain your model :) Not a bad idea at all! But shown facial expressions may result in surprising results and that means you have to be alerted, have your finger ready to push the button on you cam.


I did it exactly that way and you see what i got. Just a fraction of a second later, the expression was gone, the scene lost and she laughed out loud… so what… i had my picture and we had fun.
Olympus E-M5, what els, one large reflector

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