Udaipur – The jewelry

On 17/08/2013 by kweide

It does not matter. Diamonds, Gold or Silver, girls like them all and they want them and the use them: Jewelry of all kind, all styles are welcome. Here you can see what she was chased to wear while the upcoming shooting … What you can do, while she is “Jewelry-Mode” put on your macro lens and take some shots from the gems she has on her shortlist. Do not wait until she made her final decision, take the scenery as it is… a bit wild, a bit unsorted and very attractive


Girls… a wonder of nature. Olympus E-M5

2 Responses to “Udaipur – The jewelry”

  • Watching your “Udaipur” pictures. Do you implement a new series, a new leadstory to your Blog ? If so, what will be next ? Any new faces, costumes, gems, dancings…. you see me nervous … :)


    • Anne,

      the answer is simple: YES ! To all your questions. New faces, new costumes, gems and a new leadstory as well. But it takes time. Takes time to set the sceneries, bringing the girls on board :), put them into the costumes, train them, paint them…. thats a lot of creative work. It is all for the fun. So stay tuned, you will be satisfied.

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