Man in the moon ?

On 13/11/2011 by kweide

As we were little children we were told about the man in the moon. Mam and Dad told us lots of stories about “The man in moon” and that he can see everything we do here on earth. Even what i am doing here in the backyard :) Shit !! So the man in the moon is a bloody spy, no a voyeur !

Last night he tried to proof whether there is a man in the moon or not. Okay, we all know man was on the moon and the first on was Neil Armstrong. Google it for the younger among us. All the other older folks here: We watched it on television. Boy, that was 100% excitement. Okay now. He, our hero and Mrs. Robinson lover,  looked at the moon and saw nothing but a bright spot. After taking a telelens inclusive extender to his cam he saw the moon with a lot of details and my God he saw the truth:

No man in the moon, It is a girl !!! And she loved to be on the moon, just dancing in front of the bright scarred moon. And look how she did that night. Amazing, playing around with some cloths. He was bamboozled …. that made him nervous.

But this is my conclusion: It is worth looking to the stars, they are closer than you might think ! Or was it just the neighbor in her open window ??? :) :)

Some hints: To get a big picture of the bright moon you need focal length. And i mean focal length. Dont try it with your P&S Cam. You would only see a little white spot nothing more. You want more size and more details of the moon, you will start with at least 500 mm focal length, better 1000 mm and a stable tripod. Do it with ISO100 and open aperture, switch of OIS, IS or how it is named in your cam. Go for SPOT metering, and please: Switch off the flash !!

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  • WOW, i have to check the moon as well in the next night. I really hope to discover the same sweet surprise. And i will never ever use a flash light ! :)


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