When sport is over …

On 24/09/2013 by kweide

Doing outdoor activities is a real joy and fun as well. Yes, it is in some case exhausting too but we all know that any kind of activity is good for you well being, good for health, good for your shape, good for your body. Our model knows that as well and so she is doing outdoor actives as well. And she likes it more and more. Okay, i like that as well. Frehs air gives new ideas, helps creativity. And while being outdoor you can see so much details of mother nature which are often unseen, undetectable when driving by car or bus. And it is a joy watching the model coming back from her activities, still running, moving, exhausted, breathing, sweat all over the T-Shirt. Ups, which T-Shirt ? She just opened her Softshell Jacket showing nothing but her naked body underneath. I took the chance to speed test my cam… :)


After done so, i named it “When sport is over …” but she laughed at me, smiling, answered “No, its Dessert”.
Olympus E-M5, M.Zuiko 45

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