On 13/11/2011 by kweide

It was a long time without him and today he will return. Everything is prepeared, ready to embrace him. Her love is burning deep inside her body, crying for him to touch her, to kiss her lips waiting for his love. But will he arrive soon ?? Will he be on time ?? He is late already. What has happend ?? He will come up this way to her house and she throws a glance at the way … full of hope. 

This was the short storyboard and look, what she did with it . Do you feel she did well ?? I say YES. And she got a bright, positive feedback on her work. Again no tricks in this scene. The light from the window, diffused, just a light make-up and the hair in her typical way…

Technical details: Olympus E-3, Zuiko12-60SWD, ISO640, f3.9, 1/25 second, flash used to lift shadows, bounced to my left against the window.

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