Red heart

On 13/11/2013 by kweide

A portrait must be as natural as possible. A portrait should reflect the personality of the person. Hmmm and what if the portrait should show what the photographer had seen in that moment ? Not his emotion but what he thought his model was feeling. Reflecting that assumed emotional layer ? Too complicated ? Oh no. Its a thing of feeling. As i said in older threads, a picture with the “Boom Boom” effect has something to do with emotions, emotional layers established between photographer and subject. And has a lot of living emotions itself based on posing, scenes or other attributes. Depends as well on the distance you had to your subject, whether you were far away out of the scene or just within or close up. When going into a subjects surrounding, into his nearest distance, you hear breath, may taste hair, smell the subject. No question if you like it or not. You are in the scene, you are part of it. And now show us how this can have an impact on your photo.


Thats what led me to above emotional picture i call “Red Heart”. It is easy. Its all about feeling. Feeling do have colors. Love is red, anger red also and sometimes green. Warmth is yellow, light is white, sun is glow and has yellow near golden touch. Try to remember your raw material. See the portrait and remember. That is the way and the key to such composings. Yes. Only with composing complex enough its possible to express that situation you have been in. Give it a try. It will lead you to most expressive, heavy loaded pictures with that “boom Boom” effect. Pictures which will lead to stunning results and open mouths.

Yes Oly cam, E-M1

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