The luster of pearls

On 14/11/2013 by kweide

Another example of how you can brush up a simple portrait picture. And again it is just a composing, made thru several layers bended together and adding a bit of glow. The purpose was  get a specific glow effect on the image and on the face as well.


Water pearls, glowing, a luster effect. Okay so ? You like that ? Try it. It is not that difficult
Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 75 f1.8, 1/160 second

One Response to “The luster of pearls”

  • Hi kweide,

    I often visited your blog and always found stunning work. I never found a clue to replicate your style. But your tips helped me to better my photographic output.
    Now i saw your last three pictures,”Luster of Pearls, Daidiri red priest, Red Heart” which left me with open mouth.
    That is pure ART


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