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And she did what a girl can do with a man. Teasing, smiling, kidding. It is part of her roleplay as a woman to do so. ¬†All women want to be beautiful, so it is your part as photographer to help her and to show her that she is indeed beautiful. You just have to look at her and find her “sweet spot”. Find her look, find her pose, her hairstyling, her make-up which fits best and motivate her to use it. Even if it is unfamiliar to her. Add something from your accessories: a necklace, earrings, a fingerring, a veil which supports her. That is indeed something she can hold, which gives her confidence. The outcome for you is what you can see thru your finder. And if done well, you will look at the scene and you have to force yourself to look thru the finder :). See her eyes …. she is eyes … boy !

She will be thankful to you. You made her a star, it was delight for her and hopefully to you as well. And let her work that feeling to its full extend. It will be your delight as well.

This is what a simple veil and a simple story can do for you. I hope this examples illustrate the success you can have if correctly implemented.

And always look for the “Sweet spot”, her best look. Keep in mind: She may have more than one !! Try it. Look for it. The more you try the better you get. It is that easy.

Details: Olympus E-5, Summilux 25 f1.4, ISO200, f2, 25 mm focal length, single hotshoe flash always bounced to the left against the white window curtain to achieve soft light in her face.

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