KGB Officer

On 22/11/2013 by kweide

The session we had today was real a fun session. Giggling, laughter and joking around. We had some accessories at the start. A Batman mask, a wonderful cap of soft black fur and two other sweet hats. But it turned out that the fur cap was the real thing and she did quite well with that black thing on her head. I assume it was because the warming effect of fur :). Just sitting in the corner of the red sofa, with that cap on the head is not that tricky. Do you really think so ? Oh no. It is not as easy you might think.


Keep the head in the right position, donĀ“t move the body too much or that cap will glide and fall down. Result: The scene is gone, the expression lost, the pose ruined. So it was indeed hard work even when it looks now different. Okay, it was fun too :) Als always. So is she a KGB Officer or is just because winter is coming ?? What do you think ?
Olympus E-M1 + M.Zuiko 75 @ f1.8

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