On 09/11/2011 by kweide

On his way thru the company to do some photocopies. Lousy job, was always in his mind. No fun at all, gray carpets on the floor, white floorwalls. That is ugly. But Mrs. Robinson, was always in his mind. He opened the door and entered the room with the copy machine. He had to wait. One lady was first. His eyes, he is a man sorry for that, on her when he suddenly recognized her as Mrs. Robinson. His heartbeat reached 200 he starts to sweat. “This bloody nasty machine”, she said. “Paper jam”, she said an bowed her beautiful body forward to open the front door of the copymachine.

Her really short dress slipped  upwards a bit showing some sweet secrets to him. He was near to explode in this moment and she said, without moving her head: “I think i know your problem, you nasty thing, there is a really hard jam. How can i get into it ?” She moved her hips a bit. He was near to go crazy. He thought she ment him ! But it was just the damned paper jam in the copymachine. “Oh” , she said, “Now i got it. I only had to move it a bit to and fro and now it is happy again !” She giggled on her joke, closed the machine, raised her body up while her short shirt slided back to its normal position. She turned to him, sawing just his back while he was running away, going crazy. “Poor little boy”, was in her mind, she smiled and thought: “Next time, my dear! Next time you even have to stand a little more !”

Hey, you reader, it is just a fiction with an embedded picture. But that´s the way it goes. Create the BOOM BOOM BOOM effect, even with a good story for your audience. Ok, have fun. See you later.

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