The fast and the ….

On 22/12/2013 by kweide

Strolling in the cold ancient Dresden along the Elbe and wondering about the hordes of young guys in Santa Claus costumes. Accompanied by young girls , well supplied with drinks (including alcoholic ), organized in small groups of Santas, all along the historic buildings on the Elbe. Wondering whats going on, questions in our faces until we saw the sign : A competition : Santa Claus Season sack race … cool … I thought. And before I could even begin to change the lens accordingly ( had the 12mm on my EM1), BOOOM, the wild things go. They went off like shot from the rubber band.


This gentleman was so breathtakingly fast , I barely could follow him . His technique , short jumps, and so insanely fast …. he outperformed, he outclassed ALL . Well, at least the first hop of his opponents teams. Others gave up exhausted , yet others were probably already too immersed in the mulled wine and lay , shuddering with laughter on the floor. That was just great.
And I ? With the EM1, at the height of the action, with the 12 mm ….. and Dresdner Stollen in my stomach … LOL

Whether or not we had fun ? What a question …

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