On 28/12/2013 by kweide

Silence, that was on my mind after giving her a role and a fabrics to play with. Just standing around, the camera ready, watching was she will do and ready to snap the decisive moment. As i always say, let her believe you do nothing. That give her the feeling to be alone, do not talk with her, let her bring herself into position, just watch. And suddenly, she moved into a special way into a position you love. Do not say a word, just snap this moment with the cm and smile.


That was exactly what i did. And i did it again and again. Took a lot of wonderful pictures, SHE produced thru her elegante female moves, filling the given role. And me ? Just smiling, seeing how it works for me. So now its up to you. Do it too… First i thought its a good idea to leave something like a pillow as anchor point, but after a while i judged it a bad idea and left it out. There are enough anchor points for your eyes.
Olmpus EM-1, Summilux 25, ISO200, f1.8, 1/125 second and only only flash light used as rim light

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