Female trap

On 03/01/2014 by kweide

Diamonds, necklaces, jewelry in any size, shapes or value are things, women canĀ“t resist. I call such a female trap. As if they have glue on it their fingers stick to them, nearly unable to let them free until your credit card screams loud. A large fabrics or veil is such a trap too. A girl, inspired by photography, inspired by a story, willing to play, will be caught by the veil as well. Wrap it around, use it as scarf, as cloth, as bridal suit or why so ever. Such is a female trap as well and so much cheaper :)


And when she is caught in that trap, she is a trap herself. Just playing a bit with her facial expression, her pose and her face. You made her a female trap. Thats the moment to stop work !
Again done with Olympus EM-1 and the M.Zuiko 17 mm f1.8

2 Responses to “Female trap”

  • When i first saw this picture i thought it just another b&w pic. But after coming back to this picture again and agin, looking at it in the Lightbox, well its ARTWORK ! I have to correct my first impression. It is a strong b&w portrait, a very strong one indeed.

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