Make a joke

On 13/11/2011 by kweide

So i walked at the beach, looking into the early morning sun, hearing the soft whisper of the seas, kissing the fine golden sand of the new reborn beach. My feet walking thru those small miniwaves, feeling the wonderful touch of freshness  when i suddenly saw a big surprise.

WOW, never thought i could see one and suddenly it was here right in front of me: The little Sandybeach-Hedgehog. No doubt ! One of the rarest amphibian man can think of. Small little feet, a scrubby fur and little black eyes. What a sweet little thing. When it saw me it did what it usually did: 100% rigor. This is the reason why it is near to  extinction: Easy prey for seagulls. So i took it and brought it back into the soft sea where it instantanoulsy dived away. But i had this picture, making my proud having seen a sensation. This is the story your present your audience while agonizing them with a beamer multimedia show.  And you smile, telling the truth …..

Don´t believe me ?? You are right. Just a joke. But build it into your picture presentation and your audience will give you more than a smile as feedback. Now you are no longer that boring speaker but the one with a sense of humor to whom they listen, whose pictures are worth a closer look.

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