Galactic hero: Sir Fur

On 12/01/2014 by kweide

Requested by the very young kids, animated by the fantastic stories of the “Galactic Heroes”, they wanted to see a proof, a proof of their real existence. Their arguments so clean and direct: “You can do photos, so give us a real photo of them” Well, i did it and presented the leader of the Galactic Heroes: Sir Fur. The fighter for justice and freedom , The real leader of an real team of “Galactic Heroes”. Boy i don’t want to think about the consequences in future when they discover my fake :)


Again done with the famous Olympus EM-1

2 Responses to “Galactic hero: Sir Fur”

  • A fake ?? No not at all. They are real. Can a photo be a lie ? :)
    Now i know what my Teddy is doing in the night, when left alone… its a member of the Team “Galactic Heroes”, its “Hairy Dan! ” LOL

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