On 13/11/2011 by kweide

Orientation is useful :) Very often we look at pictures in the way we took them. A horizontal picture is always presented horizontal and a vertical shot is shown always in vertical orientation. But did you ever ask yourself:  “What if i change the orientation ?” It is so easy to rotate a picture in software without changing size, compression or content. Try it. See down under shown picture. It is a horizontal shot. Strong in facial expression, strong in B&W, strong in contrast and her eyes…. hui…

But what if i rotate it 90° ? I did it as you can see here. Nothing else was changed. Only the complete picture rotated

And now it has an unusual effect. She looks different towards you. The wooden ground in the first picture was OK but now it looks strange and should be substituted….i will not do this in this presentation. It is just to show you some sweet effects simple things can have on your pictures. As well it is a sweet idea to take only a small crop out of the picture and rotate it to your taste. And suddenly you are up to change background, eliminate minor flaws etc. You see what you are doing now ?? You create a new picture, you create a new world ! So go on, you are now on your way to leave the tourist mode and entering the creative world of picture masters. Enjoy it. You will have much fun, resistance as well. But that is what we can grow against.

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