On 15/02/2014 by kweide

They arrived ! It was a surprise in the late afternoon in the inner city, walking around, shopping when suddenly with a WOSH and a BOOM this bionic alien occurred. It looked strange, was aggressive in behavior, looking around as if waitting for more of his kind. I realized my cam in my hand, raised it up and fired some shots. It was such a fast scene even those people on the street did not realize.. Than i decided its a better way to vanish from this strange and dangerous scene. The only thing i could see in addition, that this strange alien vanished into the dark streets too…. so look out. Something strange is going on.


Olympus EM-1, M.Zuiko 17 mm

One Response to “Arrival”

  • I am so glad that this is not the truth … :)
    Great fun-picture…


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