On 09/06/2014 by kweide

Back home from a trip full of impressions and tons of new pictures. Exhausted, tired. Taking the last steps from the car into the house. The camera bag over the shoulder. Happy to be home again. But suddenly a colored spot. Small and to my right. I decided to stop and to look a bit closer. A snail, a very small one. About 1.5  cm long slides beside my way. Okay, i think, here comes the macro. Just threw the M.Zuiko 60 onto my E-M1 and snapped the pictures right away. Exhausted or not…


Arg, it should be a focus stack but that damned snail is moving, slow but fast enough to prevent a stack. I tried different apertures and their effects on sharpness and bokeh. Well here you see the little guy with f2.8 and a wonderful creamy bokeh

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