This is a game

On 16/06/2014 by kweide

This is a game only a woman can play and master. We as male creatures of nature have no chance to withstand. We are just prey. Its a given fact of nature. Learn to live with that. I asked her to perform a living temptation and she took off her short T-Shirt, played with the bra a bit, but just a bit and avoided eye contact. Her face turning away she gave that special mood to the picture


and in this picture, she altered the situation a bit, adding again a special mood of longing into the scene. I tried to support, enhance it by adding some layered textures into it. But believe me: a man has no chance either


Both picture taken under natural light conditions, only a white reflector used

One Response to “This is a game”

  • Two pictures from the same scene i assume but with a to ally different look. The first is most sensual and erotic while the second one is a bit sad, blue mood
    Don’t know which one i like best but i tend to prefer the first

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