Daidiri is back

On 21/06/2014 by kweide

I think you remember Daidiri the Anunaki princess from a far away galaxy. From time to time she visits Earth with her Guards, her girlfriends. Du to her human-like look it is easy for them to stay hidden in the mass. Enjoying the wild life her on our planet. And it is always a joy for her visiting my without pr-announcement, like this time again. She smiled in her own princess way put on her aggressive Daidiri or Anunaki make-up, i am not sure about that and asked me to do my job again. Well i did it again and she liked it much.


Jou should know that on Diadiris homework it is absolutely unknown having photos as large prints. Only Daidiri has them now, printed by me in DIN A2. Daidiri told me that everyone who see them wants them too, asking her where they were done. But she answered just with a silent smile. Good idea !

3 Responses to “Daidiri is back”

  • Stunning, breathtaking, awesome …..
    May i contact her as well ?

    • Well, i think its near impossible. She is quite far away from us now and i know that she will decide who to contact :) But next time i will ask her if she is interested.


  • Excellent, reminds me of chinese Make-Up of chinese opera artists. Love it

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