The surgery

On 14/11/2011 by kweide

“Hey, i can do this little cut. You do not need to be an expert. It is easy for me to do such little cut. Believe me. Ah, i own a sharp knife. Come on trust me.”

Trust me !! That is the keyword to NOT trust her ! But he can not hear me. So he said: “Okay Baby, that is really just a minor thing. Come on. But please clean the knife before you cut”. She did so and moved on.

“Did it hurt you, you sweet little thing ? Oh, its bleeeding a bit. But wait it needs a little deeper cut” His eyes wide open she did her cutting, grinning and 100% concentrated on cutting. And she put more strength into her cutting … deeper and deeper …

“Oh, now it is off “, she said, satisfied with her job she looked into his eyes. “Baby, why can´t you cut the Steak the normal way ?” he asked her. She smiled …

Okay, this is again a series. But this time it shows the story and is spiced up  a bit with the story. Watch the style of the three pictures, the light, the way of post processing. It is all ONE style. Do so as well and you are among the picture storyteller :) You can do this with a P&S cam as well.

All pictures done with: Olympus E-5, ISO400, Zuiko 12-60, f5, one single hotshoe flash bounced to my left into a white wall. No tricks, not magic, just DO !

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