Blue thoughts

On 11/01/2015 by kweide

While shooting is running there are moments of silence. Moments were something is going on and you cannot name it for sure, but you can see it. Like in this picture


As if she is asking herself questions. Am i pretty ? Am i beautiful and attractive enough ? Does HE like it the way i move, the way i behave, the way i present me as a person ? Those are unspoken questions which cannot be answered by words. Only your behavior as photographer can do that. When you stop working, you answer “NO!” to all her question but doing even more pictures, addressing thru your mimic that she is fantastic, this way you will earn even more such blue thought moments.


Just like this above is a result of a positive photographers reaction. And she asked: “Really ? ” I gave her a smile instead of words…. That the way the emotional layer works.
All done again with Olympus E-M1 again

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