Big girl still rocks

On 31/01/2015 by kweide

Do you really think only the young and only the slimmest girls can do a beautiful and stunning job in front of your camera ? Ever thought it could be a mistake ? Ask a mature Lady and you will be surprised. They can do that job and they will do it for sure. My expereinece is that the more skilled and more experienced Ladies are so wonderful in front of the cam. They do not produce any trouble, the do not hesitate in posing, they just know how they have impact to the scene. Yes, they need guidance for sure and yes they may have let me say more curvy bodies. But that produces a different kind of tension. A different kind of emotions, sensuality and erotic touch. It is way more realistic


And yes, they have imperfections. That is your task to minimize such. Set the light accordingly, minimize and even their natural skin imperfections, their little wrinkles. Even in pos production you have the chance to give back some years, to repaint her with a touch of new reached youth. Try it. She will like it and you as well. For sure. BTW: its easier to get them acting in front of your cam simply because of her life experience.


OMD did the job

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