On 14/02/2015 by kweide

It is easy to take a picture with a camera and it is easy to take own photo from a beautiful girl even when she is braely clothed and posing for you. Okay, you have to set some little details correctly, the light etc. You may guide her with some helping advices for her pose as well but in the end, you just press the button and its done …
Thats what most peaole really believe. But it is indeed not this way. Beside the planning you did prior to the shooting, your active help while shooting, your complete setup work for light, dresses, colors, hair, make up, drinkes, meals, location etc. you now have the ultimate fun tp work on the picture. In case of JPG hmmm… dont do that …better you stay with RAW. And the complete process is restating again. You rethink the situation, your and her emotions, your intentions and the result. And now you can visualize your final ideas which could not be done in the setup.


The kind of colorization, the type of blending the bloom with her body are such things which are hard to realize for an amateur but can easily be done in post processing. Go, leave your house for a while and shoot flowers, plants, the grass, trees, landscapes even insects or animals. I do so, even night scenes with blurred lights. Just to have material for further use in pictures i have no idea of until now. One never knows. Its better to be prepared :)


So, have fun …

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