Bear it

On 15/11/2011 by kweide

Monday morning. Sad day for most of us. And if it is rainy, this day becomes a really ugly day. So it is for him as well. Having Mrs. Robinson in his mind, had her right in front of him at the copy machine, in his dreams, her taste and her odor playing with his wits. Knowing she is out of reach. Boy she is playing games with you. Dont you see ?? So he walked down the street heading for the bus stop when he passed her house, head down, but a little view from the corner of his eye´s should be allowed….

Knock down. It hits him like a lightning strike. She was right behind her window, the wet window, raindrops running down the glass and she, just behind the glass looking at him. With a sweet smile in her smile. Oh no…! His desire exploded again and he stood still for several second, watching her in her full beauty when she suddenly vanished. Just a dream, a wish to come true ?? He was 100% dazzled when he reached the bus station, nearly lost control. Sitting in the bus having her image in his mind.

What he did not know: She laughed out loud when she she saw this poor guy standing in the rain looking at her. And she thought again: “You have to stand this my dear and even more to come ! No man is allowed to enter my home without permission, snapping pictures without punishment!”

Olympus E-P3, Summilux 25 mm, f2.0, ISO200, 1/100 second, one hot shoe flash, bounced left behind me over my shoulder into the white wall. As second layer: a wetlook glass from the bathroom from the shower cabin, no flash used here. Both pictures layered together with 60% opacity. Brought her back to visibility with a layer mask thru a soft brush with 45% opacity, Simple work. And again simple techniques: A bit compostion of two pictures, a little story to grab attention and the use of the well established emotional layer ! Trust and respect for the model and a lot of fun while working together.

2 Responses to “Bear it”

  • Stellar ! I can understand him. I am under her influence as well. She looks incredible beautiful.


    • Andrew, i feel like you. It is a fantastic look, a look that knocks you down. She simply did it.
      Thanx for your kind words

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