The Boss

On 09/11/2011 by kweide

Today was not his day. What a stupid job he has, but on the other hand he was lucky to have this position. It is a secure and fair paid job. So what ? Evening…. ah …. office was nearly closed when he got a call from the secretary of the new devision chief. He has to come up into the office. “Oh no”, he thought. “is this the end of my career ?” Was it because this stupid thing with the copy machine ?” He was full of fear but walked to the secretary. “Go in”, he said, “SHE is already waiting for you !” “She ???? What is going on here?” He knew, there was a new boss but did not know that it was a woman. So he opened the door after knocking and hearing “Come in please and close the door behind you!” He did exactly what she said, took his Basecap off and looked straight to the carpet. “So, it is you!” she said, “look at me, please be so kind !” He did so and was shocked:


Mrs Robinson in front of him. She stood there half sitting on her desk. Her jacket barely closed, delicious gems shining to his eyes. Her heard nothing she said.  His heart was too loud in his ears. She smiled and thought “Hey little boy, thats the game it is now. It is my game ! And i promise you it will be my delight to play !” “Mam, ” he said stuttering, his face flushing red… “i  if … the copy machine ….. no … it was not my… believe me please …!” The next he heard was his own steps running out of room, smashing the door behind him, hearing her loud laughter.

So what ? Combine two things to achieve expressive portraits: Business outfit and a touch of the special sense……look her facial expression, look her jacket and how she holds her glasses. Having one tip of the temple arm between her lips gives an erotic symbol. Thats how to produce a special look. Boom Boom Boom !”

Olympus E-5 + Zuiko 50-200SWD, F3.2, Iso640, 1/125 second, 70 mm focal length and again one single hot shoe flash bounced to my left side into the window glass…. EASY

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