Drive me …

On 17/11/2011 by kweide

Drive me thru the universe. No, this is not “The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy” although it might look a bit like it. :) And no, i am not Ford Perfect or Arthur Dent traveling with the “Heart of Gold”. But Stars, Galaxies and Universe gave an inspiration and my preferred model did their part as well… So this is another outcome regarding to “Do the unexpected”. Some words on the history: I had the luck traveling with another Lady in her car thru the morning travel. She gave me no chance for a real shooting so i used the opportuniy to do some “lucky shots” in the car sitting on the backseat. One was thru the front window with part of her face in the rear mirror. Funshots, you know.

But combined with a view from the “Command Bridge of the Heart of Gold” with the view in the open space it would be great. Traveling with that Starship full of wonder, to be in a million different Galaxies at the same time, possible with the “Heart of Gold”, what a sweet idea.  So this was my taxi ride thru the universe to the shiny stars…. I enjoyed the making of and she likes the picture as well. So do your own and have fun.

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