How long does it take ?

On 18/11/2011 by kweide

How long does it take to establish an emotional layer, a trusty, a reliable and durable relationship ? A question often asked, but the answer is quite difficult. I can cost you a lifetime or only seconds. It depends on the situation, on your own attitude, your situative emotions, your behavior. Many little things are working in such develeopment process and the tricky in such is, that is different. Sometimes a piece of chewing gum will do it and in other situations maybe a cigarette. or nothing will do it ! But what i can tell you is, when it is established ! When it is working.  Kids a very good proof.

The last wedding showed 3 kids, playing around behind the ceremony. What did i do ?? I asked them whether they wanted to be the STAR ! And they acted asap. Controlled each other and brought themself into position. WOW, we had the layer established just in seconds, they trusted me, they worked with me and they had fun, fun, fun. And i too.

After the kid-shooting, they looked onto the camerascreen and were happy. Their parents too. Treat all persons with respect and treat them as a VIP. That may be the first important step to build this emotional layer. In my case it was done in seconds, costs nothing, made the situation more silent, gave wonderful portraits and the kids felt very important. Smile and the world will smile back !

Olympus E-3, Zuiko 12-60SWD, ISO800, hotshoe flash bounced thru the dark church ( behind and above me )

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