Into position

On 18/11/2011 by kweide

No chair, no sofa, no lounge chair, no no. But a hard wooden ground. Or you may choose the wooden stairs as alternative. So choose what you want. I can promise to you, she will not take the stairs. That is way too uncomfortable, hurts the back too much. So the wooden ground is the choosen alternative. And how do you get a decent distance to your subject ?? Easy, take a ladder and up you go with you cam, aiming at her lying on the ground. Did i ever told you it is an easy job to get pictures with a special touch ? If so i was a liar :) The outcome, what you will get is a special picture, a reward.

A wonderful look, a girl which got into position, just for you, for some pictures. You should use this moment to grab as much pictures you can. Feel the moment. It is again a proof for your emotional layer.

Olympus E-5, ISO 100, 1/125 second, 33 mm focal length, f4 and again the well known one hot shoe flash bounced into a big white reflector.

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