Be bold

On 19/11/2011 by kweide

From time to time, while planning what and how to shoot, special things happen to us. To you as well as to me. I promise, i bet, you know what i mean. Sitting at the table and talking with your model about how to dress, what poses looks best and so on. And while doing so you take some cake, a cup of tea. And she asked “You want another cup of tea ?” and leans foward. Her loose T-Shirt opens up, offering a view no real man can resist. First you try to hide your view looking into her eyes, talking normaly…. “Do you want another sweet cake ?” and again she offers a fantastiv view, smiling. Uhhhh, she knows what she is doing. Now YOU have to decide what to do. I know my preferred model very well so i know that she is playing a game, provocating me a a bit, offering the “boys view”. Okay, now i was bold, grapped the cam with the macro lens on it and shot directly into her wide open décolleté.

“Oh thanks my dear, yes i like another cake”, was my bold answer after doing so, smiling again into her smiling face, acting as if nothing had happend. Do not try this bold act with a stranger girl ! She will beat you down ! You need to have a relation to your model, a trusty reliable emotional layer. If so, her only reaction will be a fine but whimsically smile. So it is now up to you to build a trusty relation with your model, emotional layer. Such is enabling you to shoot such picture with the “Boom Boom Boom” effect.

Details: Olympus E-5, Zuiko 50mm, ISO200, 1/200 second, f2.5. No strobe, nor reflector, no further tricks, just the light from the open window :)

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