Planned surprise

On 19/11/2011 by kweide

Did i say it before ?? From time to time you need to have creative breaks. Name it as you like. Take the chance to sit and to talk a bit with your model or even send her into the bathtub. Hot water, bubbles, soap, heat. The is a wonderful opportinity to relax and…. yes you assumed right, to take some pictures.

But this time i did nothing. Surprise, surprise. The only thing i did was, sit there offering some drinks and a little meal. Champagne and strawberries :). No pictures ! Lost chance ??? No, i don´t think so. In the following she was unsure as well, still no picture ?? What is he after ??? She wrapped herself into a veil and made her comfortable on the couch. That was what i was after ! Klick, klick, klick. The view, a little surprise but lots of relaxed face ! I got what i wanted and she was happy as well. No stress, only fun. She did a self created storyboard, ultrashort to motivate ME. Her pose cried for SHOOT, asked for my reaction and i did it. Straight, direct, no questions, no words. That´s trust ! Klick !

Detail: Olympus E-5, ISO 200, Summilux 25mm, f1.4, 1/80 second. Yes, hotshoe strobe bounced over my shoulder into a white reflector in front of her but behind me, a little left from me about 1.5 Meter high on a stand. Again no tricks or hidden specialities. You can achieve the same at your home. Just do it.

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